Cell groups

At MLBC, we actively promote fellowship, prayer and learning in small groups.

All of cell groups have the following in common:

Format: all of our cells are small groups of less than twelve people. They meet at various times and locations during the week – mostly at people’s homes but some at MLBC.  Some meet during the day, some in the evening.

Facilitators: all of the groups have one or more facilitator who acts as a focal point but all group members shared responsibility for the direction of the group.

Activities: vary greatly between groups but include praise and worship, studying scripture, prayer and witness in the wider community. All of the groups are broadly discussion based.

Aims: to provide opportunities for learning from each other and discipling each other, mutual support, care and encouragement, deeper fellowship than can happen on a Sunday morning and support for those seeking to live a Christ-centred life.

If you really want to get to grips with life at MLBC, cell groups are the best way to form meaningful relationships and find your place within our church.   If you’re new to the church and want to get involved with a cell, please contact one of the Pastors.

Saturday breakfasts

Cells are not the only place for fellowship and prayer.  We also host two breakfasts which happen on a monthly basis.

The Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast is on the first Saturday of the month.  A continental style breakfast is provided and is followed by a variety of expressions of encountering the Lord, through worship, prayer, creativity etc.

The Men’s Breakfast is held on the third Saturday of the month.   It differs from the ladies’ breakfast in that a large frying pan is involved! It is open for all men who want to join us for good food and fellowship.