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Series: Stepping into the Future (2), Forgiveness (1), MLBC (1), Genesis (1).
Date: 2017 (1), 2018 (2), 2020 (2)

Sermons (5)

WANTED - Someone to Stand in the Gap
Genesis 18:16-33 (Part of the Stepping into the Future series).
Preached by David Chambers on 9 February 2020 (Sunday Morning).
Did We Take A Wrong Turn?
Genesis 12:10-20 (Part of the Stepping into the Future series).
Preached by Davinia Roberts on 19 January 2020 (Sunday Morning).
Meant for good: Learning to forgive God
Genesis 50:15-21 (Part of the Forgiveness series).
Preached by David McIlroy on 18 November 2018 (Sunday Morning).
CAP Anniversary Service
Genesis 12:1-9 (Part of the MLBC series).
Preached by Phil Stone on 15 July 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Not All That Glitters
Genesis 13:1-19 (Part of the Genesis series).
Preached by LLoyd Flackman on 14 May 2017 (Sunday Morning).
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